Light Truck

    The Mastercraft Courser AXT is a true all-terrain tire that delivers a modern 5-rib tread design, aggressive off-road capabilities, confident highway control and wear, and balanced all-season performance.

    50,000 Mile Treadwear Protection Warranty

    Aggressive 5-Rib All-Terrain Tread Design
    With 12% more lateral grooves, the tread pattern of the Courser AXT was designed to tackle tough off-road terrains while providing superior on-road performance and handling.

    Paired Intermediate Tread Elements
    The intermediate tread elements are tied together in pairs, with our ramp-lock design. This ramped feature helps reduce stone retention by pushing gravel towards the wide, circumferential grooves for easy release.

    Wide, Zig-Zag Circumferential Grooves
    The wide, zig-zag shape of the circumferential grooves provides increased soft surface and snow traction.

    Aggressive Buttress / Shoulder Design
    The buttress design with alternating shoulder scallops gives the Courser AXT an aggressive look and increases the off-road traction of the tire.

    M + S Rated


    Light Truck

    The Courser HXT is a commercial highway light truck rib tire that provides trusted all-season performance and dependable wear. The HXT was designed to provide enhanced wet and winter traction with increased tread stability. The large, solid shoulder elements help resist abnormal wear that is common with commercial vehicles.

    50,000 Mile Treadwear Protection

    Continuous Shoulder Rib
    The continuous shoulder rib provides superior resistance to irregular wear for longer life and a quieter ride.

    Interlocking Tread Elements
    Interlocking tread elements at the center of the tire provides improved handling.

    Circumferential Grooves
    Wide circumferential grooves enhance water evacuation from the tire's footprint for resistance to hydroplaning.

    Increased Lateral Slots
    A 7% increase in the number of lateral slots within the design increases traction in both wet and snow conditions.

    M+S Rated


    Light Truck

    The Courser CXT was designed as a premium light truck commercial traction tire that provides trusted all-terrain performance with enhanced off-road durability. The CXT features variable full depth siping and a silica-rich tread compound for enhanced wet and winter traction. The large tread element and blocky design help to resist abnormal wear while enhancing tread stability and durability.


    Large Surface Area Tread Blocks
    Provide increased grip on and off-road while improving wear performance.​


    Optimized Void-to-Rubber Ratio
    The amount of rubber on the road is optimized to provide rough terrain traction and enhance on highway driving comfort and feel.

    Enhanced Upper Sidewall Design
    The shoulder design increases off-road traction with side traction blocks and the circumferential raised rubber feature protects against sidewall abrasion and impacts.

    Large Shoulder Scallops
    The scallops provide a "mud-scoop" effect for dependable off-road traction while giving the CXT a more aggressive look, to enhance the appearance of almost any light truck vehicle.​


    M+S Rated


    Light Truck

    The Courser LTR is a light truck value design with an excellent all-season performance at "value tire" cost. The Courser LTR has the size coverage for today's most popular vehicles.

    50,000 Treadwear Protection Limited Warranty (U.S. Only)

    Modern All-Terrain Design
    The five-rib tread design creates a pattern of gripping edges that allows the tire to perform equally well on the road and off.

    Wide Footprint / Dual Tread Arc
    A wider tread footprint along with a dual radius tread arc gives this tire uniform pressure distribution across the contact patch for even wear and consistent grip.

    Modern Sidewall Styling
    Available in outline white letter and outline black letter styling in specific sizes.

    Contains the industry's top range of sizes to fill the replacement requirements for the most popular pick-ups, and vans used for commercial or recreational purposes.

    M+S Rating


    Light Truck

    The Courser MXT is an extreme off-road mud terrain tire perfect for light truck owners and extreme off-roaders seeking aggressive off-road traction and excellent handling on the highway. The MXT sports an attractive “side biter” design and wide, deep tread grooves for superior off-road mud and snow traction performance.


    Optimized Void-to-Rubber Ratio
    The amount of rubber on the road is optimized to provide excellent extreme terrain traction and enhanced driving feel.

    Aggressive Upper Sidewall Design
    Aggressive, deep "side biter" design increases off-road traction and sidewall abrasion resistance.

    Large Shoulder Scallops and Traction Edges
    The scallops provide a "mud-scoop" effect, for superior off-road traction. Traction edges on the alternating shoulder elements add additional biting edges for improved lateral grip.

    Wide Shoulder Grooves
    The wide grooves between the outer tread blocks allow the MXT to easily clean out, increasing grip for superior traction.

    Variable, Full-Depth Siping
    Siping for increased wet traction on the highway also provides extra biting edges for enhanced off-road traction. Even at half worn, 80% of the MXT's sipes remain functional, providing for more consistent performance throughout the life of the tire.

    M+S Rated


    Light Truck

    The Courser MSR is a premium winter light truck tire designed for drivers seeking excellent traction on snow or ice. Mastercraft snow tires are pinned for studs where studded tires are not prohibited by state laws.

    Severe Weather Rated


    "D-Squared" Sipe Technology
    Further enhances winter performance while maintaining excellent wet traction. The sipes are deep to provide performance benefits throughout the life of the tire.

    Patented "Snow-Groove" Design Technology
    Provides biting edges for excellent snow and ice traction without reducing element stiffness. Enhances the retention of snow in the outer circumferential grooves to capitalize on the higher traction characteristics of snow on snow versus snow on rubber.

    Enhanced Studded Performance
    The stud pin hole design improves stud retention and the number has been increased allowing for the use of a greater number of studs for better traction on ice. The stud size is conveniently molded into the sidewall for easy reference.

    M+S Rated

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